Our Beginnings


The University Hospital Graz

The University Hospital of Graz (Austria) is where most of our founders and much of the current staff worked (and some still partially do!) when the idea of NoTube was born. The hospital itself was the biggest University Hospital of continental Europe until much of the 20th century. To this day, it provides more than 1’500 beds and doctors examine several thousand patients every day. Ever since, a close link between clinical work and the research and teaching conducted at the Medical University Graz has been implemented and is much appreciated by patients. 3 Researchers from the Medical University alone have been awarded the Nobel Prize.

University Clinic for Children and AdolescentsUniversity-Stuff

Embedded in the University Hospital is the University Clinic for Children and Adolescents. Founded in 1981 by Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer, MD, one of our founders, the psychosomatic unit within the clinic specializes on the increasing cases of feeding and eating behavior disorders such as feeding tube dependency and picky eating. Within the large interdisciplinary team of the clinic, the scientific research leading to the development of NoTube has taken place. With the methods also applied at NoTube, several thousand patients suffering from symptoms of tube dependency and other early eating behavior disorders have been cured successfully over the past 25 years.

NoTube – a social enterprise

Already back in 2009, we transferred our first clinical specialization to the Internet. Since the University Hospital does not have the capacity to treat the amount of foreign patients they were receiving treatment requests for, we created the not-for-profit spin-off company NoTube. In line with the Psychosomatic Unit’s specialization on early eating behavior disorders, we developed an online coaching service specifically for early eating behavior disorders called Netcoaching.

As you may have read elsewhere, the service enables parents of tube dependent children to effectively help their child overcome their condition within approximately 4 weeks. Daily, we communicate with the parents, ask for feeding protocols and conduct video analysis. Treatment costs are much lower than at the hospital and there is no risk of hospital caused infections.



Subsequently, we started in 2012 to offer the Learn to Eat program as a separate entity and in 2013 to visit families in their native countries by means of the Eating Schools and Home Visits. Since 2016, we founded a therapy center in Graz, Austria, where the Eating Schools take place. We also organise Play Picnics in several countries around the world to help families understand what it exactly is that we do.

Notube is a non-for-profit organisation in the legal form of a limited liability company which has the purpose of treatment and care of children with eating disorders and tube dependency. That means, that Notube is not profit-oriented and that possible revenues are solely used for the care of these children.