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At the beginning of 2018, the time had come at last – NoTube was moving! After days of carrying boxes, cleaning up, cleaning out, and building furniture, we were finally moved into our new accommodations at Lenaugasse 5 in Graz.

Our new EAT Campus is significantly larger, occupying the entire first floor of a house, and the entrance is easily accessible for baby carriages and wheelchairs. The heart and soul of the campus is the large play-picnic room in which all meals are eaten and many food-focused therapeutic sessions take place. In addition to this, the center includes several separate therapy rooms that have been creatively furnished to meet the needs of our therapists, children, and families. There is also plenty of storage for food and therapy materials.


The sanitary facilities are, of course, barrier free. After an intensive play-picnic, there are also places to wash children and change their clothes or diapers. Even our boss, Wolfgang, has an office at the EAT Campus and can be contacted onsite at any time with questions. Our exam room is colorful and cheerfully decorated so as to be less frightening for children who have experienced trauma from medical treatments in the past. The red sofa is just inviting you to sit back and relax.

We are excited about our “parents kitchen” where parents can store, prepare and warm any food they might have brought with them for their children. There is a separate play room that is enjoyed every day by children and adults alike, and the small garden with children’s play equipment is a great place for fun between therapy sessions.

Our outpatient clinic is also now full in swing. Here, children with various eating behavior issues (such as selective eating, failure to thrive, or eating development delays) and their parents can receive nutritional medical counseling, diagnostics, and therapy. We were excited to welcome a full house of visitors to our grand opening on April 26th!

We make the most of every day at our new EAT Campus and are happy to welcome all who come to visit us here!




Sabine Marinschek