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It’s that time again – a new year begins. Many babies and children have begun to eat in 2017. While the journey wasn’t always easy, 110 children have left the times of tube feeding behind them. We at NoTube are very proud of our little graduates. We congratulate them on their success and thank their caregivers and parents for the trust they placed in our method and our team.

Marion and Ace in the USATo accommodate the numerous inquiries and requests from our families, we have many events planned again this year. We will be offering Play Picnics all over the world. In February, it was “ready, set, go…” time in America and Canada, where our team members finally met families on site, “live and in action.” In a comfortable, get-together environment, we offer you and your child the opportunity to spend some time with us, experience our method up-close, and explore food together at a Play Picnic. In Germany, we are expanding our offerings in Hamburg and Stuttgart as well – Stephan Echtermeyer, one of our new team members, is at the starting gates and looking forward to meeting you! Play Picnics are being planned in many other European countries as well! Check it out here.

NoTube is growing and moving in 2018! At the beginning of the year we opened our new EAT-Campus on Lenaugasse 5 in Graz. Hard work does pay off in the end – the new EAT-Campus is already showing its polish and was ready to open its doors for the weekly outpatient clinic by the end of January. We are already excited to meet more little clients there.

Aida and Eva with a little patient Red sofa room Little patient learns to eat with Eva

Starting in March, 2018, a total of ten Eating Schools will be offered and Clown Jako “invites you to the table.” With his unconventional program, Clown Jako conjures up a realm of food, full of mystery and magic. For this special event, the EAT Campus will open its gates to all children and families who want to delve into the world of eating. On April 26th, we will celebrate the opening of our new EAT Campus (you can find the program here).

After the success of our newsletter, we are excited to invite you again this year to read interesting articles on a variety of topics in the area of (early-) childhood eating disorders and tube dependency. Parents and caregivers also, will again be sharing the story of their journey with their child who is affected by eating behavior disorders or tube dependency and their experiences with NoTube.

We are excited to share this overview of the coming year at NoTube with you! We look forward to supporting many more children and families, accompanying them as they achieve life without a tube, and improving eating behaviors in 2018.