What Is The Netcoaching Program?

Our Netcoaching program is an online coaching experience led by the world’s leading tube weaning experts who personally help you teach your child to eat step-by-step without you leaving your home. In the last 4 years alone, more than 500 children have participated in our Netcoaching program with a 90.5% success rate.

NoTube offers an online-based coaching program to empower parents to help improve the eating skills of their child.


How Does Netcoaching Work?

We believe that it is only when we participate hands-on in your family’s daily lives that we can achieve long-term tube weaning success. So, with the help of an online platform specifically developed for this purpose, we can make the transition from enteral to oral feeding happen together. Using this platform, you and our medical staff will communicate regarding your child’s progress in the weaning process (e.g. ask questions, upload feeding protocols and videos showcasing your child’s interaction with food). At least daily, we will respond to your questions, analyze your data and provide you with advice on how to proceed with the weaning. In short, you have the leading tube weaning experts “by your side” as you teach your child to eat without a feeding tube.


Based on a detailed medical assessment questionnaire, we help you determine whether we can help your child learn to eat.


If we believe we can help your child, we proceed with the Netcoaching program. By evaluating your child’s current medical needs, intake protocols, and feeding behaviors, we can then give you specific steps to teach your child to eat.


You provide a daily report describing intake protocols and upload videos of your child’s interaction with food to our easy-to-use online platform.


As your child progresses, you ask questions any time and our medical staff provides prompt answers and gives you clear, practical next steps to take. Our team is always just a click away. No question is too simple or too complex.


By implementing our medical advice, your child reduces his dependency on the tube while learning to eat orally, and you gain confidence that your child can actually be free from the feeding tube.


Your child learns to eat, tube-free, and we continue to provide support for 35 days after the last tube feeding.


Key Benefits For You

  • Get every question answered quickly, mostly in less than 12 hours.
  • 365 days a year support from the medical experts in tube weaning.
  • Start the program immediately.
  • Stay at home in your familiar environment where the child feels safe.
  • Avoid the stress and expense of traveling.

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Why Is Netcoaching So Successful?


– 1 –

  • Medical Evaluation of questionnaire
  • Assessment of child’s success options
  • Video analysis

An assessment is required to begin the Netcoaching program. The assessment is based upon a detailed medical questionnaire that you complete. Two of our doctors will review your information and provide you with a detailed medical evaluation of the status of your child, and whether your child is a good candidate for learning to eat without the feeding tube.

In order to make it easier for you to get help for your child in these difficult times with Covid 19, we are now providing our non-binding medical assessment free of charge.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, you are under no obligation for any further commitments, unless you choose to proceed with Netcoaching. You are in control.

– 2 –

  • Access to our online platform
  • Unlimited consultations with our experts
  • Multiple video analyses of eating behavior
You only pay if we think we have a 90% chance of succeeding (passed assessment) and there’s no obligation to commit to anything past the assessment.

The Netcoaching fee lasts for as long as it takes until your child is tube free, i.e. only 35 days after the last tube feed, even if it takes several months (maximal 6 months from start).
If, during the first seven days of working with our team, you do not want to continue with Netcoaching, we’re glad to refund the entire Netcoaching fee, so you have nothing to lose. Please read our general terms and conditions for more details.

– 3 –
AFTER CARE (optional)

Experience professional medical and therapeutic support on a month-by-month basis using our online platform as you help build your child’s eating skills while staying in your familiar environment. This program is designed as after care program after an Eating School or Netcoaching. Our goal is to dramatically improve your child’s openness towards a wide variety of foods and increase the daily intake of different foods in the long-term.

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Costs overview


Ask Us About Netcoaching

How safe is tube weaning?

Tube weaning is and will always be safe if

  • A thorough assessment has been performed by feeding specialists (like the Notube team) to check the timing of the intended weaning process as well as the child’s suitability, nutritional status and all involved neuro-sensory issues
  • The child currently is in a stable physical condition
  • The weaning protocol is individually tailored for each child based on its specific medical history
  • The weaning protocol is tailored specifically according to each child’s individual developmental level, psychological characteristics and motivation and preexisting oral skills
  • If the weaning intervention is adaptive and flexible and can adjust to any kind of unintended situational changes individually and immediately (like illness, sudden unexpected family happenings, parents fears, doctors concerns, etc.)

How do you work with my local medical professionals?

As intensively as parents or the local medical team wishes. If necessary, any professional can be integrated on a daily basis into the communication of our ticket system by opening the child’s password to any professional the parents wish to be included allowing them to ask questions, comment or make suggestions. This will cost the doctor or therapist 2-3 minutes/statement. What is important for the Notube Team is that there is no verdict against tube weaning from any medical perspective and – in case of any strong skepticism or reservation – these issues must be clarified after the assessment phase and before starting the weaning. We do not wish to increase the psychological burden of parents during their empowerment process of the weaning additionally and avoidably by issues of loyalty and the unlimited diversity of possibly conflicting medical opinions. The Notube Team will always be willing and prepared to interact with any kind of comments and concerns stated by the local medical teams who have been involved intensively in the child’s prior treatments.

Will Netcoaching work for my child?

This is a very frequent and very important question and the topic is addressed specifically during the pre-assessment and assessment phase and if necessary throughout the whole weaning process. Ups and downs in the parents perception of their child’s emerging skills and the observation of possible obstacles are normal and need to be discussed on a regular basis with respect, care and diligence.

What happens if you are unable to teach my child to eat?

The chance of your child not being able to learn to eat, after assessment and the suitability-check have been performed with positive results, is minimal.

In most cases weaning can and will happen in a matter of 2-4 weeks but some children just need more time due to the complexity of their perception of the feeding situation, preexisting refusal and avoidance patterns, autistic like mental processing or any other confounding factors. If the severity of a child’s disability does not allow a full transition from enteral to oral feeding due to the amount of time and effort needed, partial weaning might be the final solution which allows the child to eat and drink as much as it can during the day but keeps some tube feeds given during the night.

What if I want to have support for longer than 35 days after my child learns to eat?

We believe that 35 days is sufficient to become used to a life without a feeding tube. However, we fully understand that some parents need further support in helping their child develop age-appropriate eating behaviors. Every former Netcoaching participant may therefore participate in our Learn To Eat program without the need for another assessment (given it’s been less than six months between the two programs). In the Learn To Eat program, we focus on helping children diversify their foods and reach age appropriate levels.

How long does Netcoaching last?

We will coach you until we can achieve a full tube weaning success, i.e. your child’s weight has stabilized and no enteral nutrition has been needed for 35 days. With some children, this may take longer than with others, so several percent of all participants remain in our program for longer than 3 months. If at some point due to the complexity of the underlying diagnosis we agree that a full wean is not possible, we will work with you to achieve the maximum quality of life for your family despite your child possibly still needing night feeds.

How complicated is it to upload video to the Netcoaching platform?

On our platform, you can upload videos right with your Smartphone, much like you would upload a video to Facebook or other social media sites. Either take one first and then log onto NoTube on your mobile and upload it or do it the other way around. Both works! If you want to upload a video from your camera or laptop, you will see an upload video button in your personal NoTube portal.

How does the money-back guarantee work?

Within the first week of the treatment you will work very intensively with us to help your child reach their full potential. If you are not satisfied with our services during that time or do not feel that we can help your child, you can cancel your NoTube treatment anytime by sending us an e-mail to help@notube.com. We will immediately refund you the entire treatment fee.

Does my insurance cover the Netcoaching program?

To find out whether your insurance covers the Netcoaching program send us an e-mail to help@notube.com and we will check in our files. Should your insurance not be one that has previously covered the Netcoaching program, we will gladly support you in any way if you wish to apply for coverage at your insurance.

Who will treat my child?

Your child will always be assessed by our most senior doctors, Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer, MD and Peter Scheer, MD. Together they have over 50 years in professional tube weaning experience at the University Hospital in Austria and have weaned more than 3’000 children together. The treatment will then be conducted by one of them and a member of our psychological team, headed by Sabine Marinschek, PhD and Karoline Pahsini, PhD. As explained above, should we need further know how, we will pull it in at no additional cost.

What advantages does Netcoaching offer compared to hospitals in my country?

By signing up for Netcoaching you save your child from the immense risk of hospital caused infections as well as eliminate any travel costs. Our team consists of the world’s most experienced medical doctors in tube weaning. As a result, our rate of successful tube weanings is 90.5% – in most hospitals the success rate is below 50%.

When does Netcoaching end?

Netcoaching will end 35 days after the very last tube feed has been given and when the weight course has been stable. The maximum duration of the support by Netcoaching is one year after commencement of the weaning program, whereby this can be expanded in case of certain developmentally or medically caused reasons by purchase of a monthly Learn to Eat ticket for EUR 350.- for as long as the family wishes for.

How do I get support again when something changes in the behavior of my child?

During the Netcoaching and for one more month, your account remains open and you can receive support from us 24/7. After a successful Netcoaching, you can join our Learn to Eat program, in which we will work with you to further diversify your child’s range of foods. Should there be any behavioral or medical problems during that time, we will also address them together with you and your local pediatrician.

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