What Is A Play Picnic?

If your child has any feeding or eating problem, a Play Picnic might be the best “next step” for you. A Play Picnic is a group session where children and parents are supervised by our experts! The main goal is to meet members of the NoTube team personally and make parents familiar with NoTube’s therapy programs. You will also have time to discuss your child’s journey and future options.

How Do Play Picnics Work?

All children and parents are asked to sit on a mat or tablecloth on the floor, and different kinds of foods are distributed—just like a picnic! Toddlers are encouraged to crawl around and explore food in a non-intrusive way while parents eat (but without offering food to the child). With Play Picnics, the child is able to autonomously play with and normalize food and eating. This method helps children with feeding problems experience food without the pressure of having to eat right away; over time, it helps them accept eating food orally as well. We designed Play Picnics to help you get acquainted with our method and as a way to determine if we might be a good match for each other.


What’s Special About A Play Picnic?


You get to see us in action

We know our programs aren’t cheap. That’s why we want you to know for sure that our methods and approach will meet your family’s needs. The Play Picnic is also an opportunity to see two of our senior therapists in action and understand how they work differently from other therapists. With Play Picnics, you can see our model at work in real life and decide if it could work with your child and family.


An entirely different environment

By creating a world of food and eating around your child, they are in the driver’s seat of the feeding situation. No more high-pressure situations around the dinner table, and no more frustrating back-and-forth games. Instead, we use your child’s innate autonomy to start experimenting with food in an entirely new way.


We help you help yourself

Our goal is to promote your child’s autonomous eating skills and habits and show them that eating and drinking can become a normal part of daily life. To achieve this goal, we monitor all sessions and provide you with practical guidance on how to best seat your child, which spoons and bottles you can use to enhance eating, etc. We also help you become aware of any unintended behaviors you or someone in your family might be displaying that could negatively affect your child.


We look at your family’s situation from different angles

During the three sessions of a Play Picnic day (Play Picnic; parents’ group; and individual consultation) we get to know your family dynamics in a variety of ways. Each session gives us insight, and all together, we get a holistic picture of any issues that exist. When we sit down for your individual consultation at the end of the day, we’ve seen your family at play in different situations, and we can give recommendations based on the actual behaviors you showed us.

Here Are Some Impressions Of Former Play Picnics:

Play Picnic Cost

Let your child experience food in an entirely new way, and lay the foundation for helping them learn to eat on their own.



USD 55

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Want To Know When A Play Picnic Is Scheduled?

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Ask Us About The Play Picnic Program

What can I expect from a Play Picnic?

Play Picnics are a terrific way to experience working with the NoTube team and learn first-hand how you can teach your child to eat (even if your child has never touched food before). You can expect your child to interact with food, and you can expect to share experiences with other parents. Most importantly, you will see how we work in group and individual settings. Then, you can decide whether our approach will help your child.

How will the Play Picnic be able to help my child?

The entire Play Picnic experience is meant to give you a taste of what your experience with us will be like. It is not meant to achieve a dramatic change in your child’s behavior right away—a one time session is simply too short for that. However, based on what our therapists observe, they will give you personalized advice on how to achieve meaningful, long-term behavioral changes. You might also see your child do things they haven’t done before!

What will change after participating in the Play Picnic?

Your perspective. You will be able to see your child as one of many children with this problem, and you’ll understand why these complex issues take time to resolve. You’ll also see how our team can gently and precisely resolve these issues.

Who will be attending?

Children who suffer from tube dependency and other eating disorders and their families.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes, please bring a towel or blanket to sit on (it will get dirty, so make sure it’s washable!) and some finger food (Pom Bears, Snips, anything that your child has shown interest in or liked in the past).

Do I have to pay for everyone attending, or just for the child?

We charge only for the childs’ participation in the Play Picnic. Based on our model, we view parents and siblings (and even grandparents and friends!) as crucial elements of your child’s success. Therefore, we invite family members to attend for free.

Will there be an individual session too?

The Play Picnic consists of three components:

    1) an hour-long group Play Picnic
    2) a 45-minute parents’ group
    3) an individual consultation

As you can see, two sessions are group sessions, and one is held with your individual family.

Do I commit to anything more after I sign up for the Play Picnic?

No. You don’t commit to anything except a one-time participation in the Play Picnic. Afterward, it is absolutely your decision if and how you want to proceed.

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Wonder if a Play Picnic is a good fit for your child?


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