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Having more than one child can feel like a constant juggling act. From school drop offs to nappy changes, helping with homework and cooking dinner, some days it makes you wish you had an extra pair of arms and ears, or a clone or two to help out.

When you have your first child you have the time to really enjoy your baby. Snuggled in the fuzzy warmth of newborn hormones you can let the world carry on without you as you gaze lovingly at your little one and note every feature and development. Then along come children two, three, four or more and suddenly it’s very different. The world has changed into a whirling, blurring cycle of nagging, cooking, cleaning and answering endless calls for assistance before collapsing into bed in exhaustion, only to start again the next morning at some unearthly hour (and that’s if you’re fortunate enough not to have been woken by nocturnal demands).

notube tube free familyOne of the hardest emotions to deal with when you have multiple children is the worry that they are not getting enough of your attention, that your time is too taken up with doing chores to spend quality time with them. This can be even worse if you have a child with medical problems. Probably your life the last few months has been full of hospital visits, your time taken up with managing feeds and tube care, meals eaten hurriedly in hospital canteens, home chores reduced to the bare minimum needed in order to keep going; not to mention the chaos that ensues when a tube gets blocked or dislodged; children farmed out to any willing relative or friend while you make another journey to the hospital ward for treatment. It takes effort on the part of you, your partner and family to help keep all the children feeling loved and cared for and it’s a hard time for the siblings of a child with medical needs as they can often feel overlooked and be envious of the time their sibling gets with you during feeds and medical treatment.

One of the biggest advantages of our Netcoaching program is that you can do it in your own home. Rather than a lengthy admission where you are separated from your family, this enables you to wean at home and you can still see your children off to school, tuck them into bed and be there for them when they need you (which, let’s face it, is all the time – especially the minute you go to the bathroom or sit down with a warm drink). It is far less disruptive than the repeated travel to hospital outpatients as you can contact our team from the comfort of your home using our online system, saving yourself the organisational stress and expense of travel and arranging childcare.

It can actually be beneficial for your child to have their siblings and routine around when you go through the weaning process. How many times have you lovingly coached and encouraged a child to learn a new skill with little success, only for them to master it in minutes when they see their peers doing it? Having regular family mealtimes where you all eat together can really help the progress.

children from notube play picnic - tube freeYour children can join in the play picnics, giving the child being weaned a chance to watch them and join in when they feel comfortable. Without directly encouraging the child they can demonstrate fun activities, and by all being seated at the table for mealtimes they can help encourage meals to become no-hassle routine behaviour.

NoTube has a fantastic team of dedicated doctors, psychologists and therapists of other, different sub-disciplines. All of these are on hand to support you through this change and make it as easy as possible for you and your family. Our online platform will enable you to ask questions at any stage and we will assess your progress through reports, intake protocols, evaluation and video uploads. With a success rate of over ninety percent you can feel confident that you are making the right choice for your child and family.

We want to help get you to the point where your family can enjoy relaxed, happy mealtimes where everyone can feel included, to be able to eat out in restaurants without your child feeling left out and to help keep the peace between your children. To finally get rid of all the tube feeding paraphernalia and hassle associated with tube feeding and help all your children feel equal.

We believe your family deserves a bit of normality, and hopefully you can use the freed up time to have the chance to enjoy your family life, play with your children and maybe even get a bit of time to yourself for some well-earned relaxation.

Sabine Marinschek