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Our 2016 was a year full of premieres – we opened up our NoTube EAT Campus in Graz, the first conference on feeding tube management in Graz took place, furthermore, we visited new cities for our Play Picnis and last but not least – our Team grew again! Besides all these innovations, our telemedical programs continued as usual. The following lines provide an overview about NoTube’s activities in the past year:

  1. In March we opened up our NoTube EAT Campus in Graz, Elisabethstraße and welcomed nine families to our first Eating School in our own premises. Overall, in the course of 2016, 72 families from 18 different countries visited one of our Eating Schools in Graz!eat-campus_en
  2. 80 patients from 20 countries participated in our Netcoaching program for tube weaning. Most children lived in Germany, the Netherlands and the US. Our therapists work with the families in order to find the best possible way to help the child during the transition from tube feeding to oral nutrition.
  3. Furthermore, our Learn To Eat program enjoyed great popularity. 59 families took part in the program, children with different kinds of feeding/eating disorders (infantile anorexia, dream feeding, feeding disorders of state regulation, highly selective/picky eaters, etc.) were treated by our therapists, in many cases over the course of many months in order to improve the eating behavior of the child.
  4. Our team was again keen on travelling: In 2016, many Play Picnics in different cities all over Europe took place! In Germany, we organised Play Picnics again in Mannheim, but also went to Munich, Berlin and Paderborn for the first time. Of course we visited London, furthermore, Eva went to Leeds. Our french speaking team members arranged Play Picnics in Tours, Lyon, Montpellier and Lausanne. In addition, our Team was in Kilchberg, Switzerland to meet families with tube fed children. In the Netherlands, we hosted Play Picnics in Wilbertoord and De Rijp (near Amsterdam). Last but not least, we hosted Play Picnics in Gothenburg and Stockholm, Sweden.
  5. The team is the heart of NoTube’s company – and due to all our increased demands, we again welcomed new team members in 2016! Yvonne Hofmeister supports us as a music therapist during our Eating Schools. In early summer, Marion Russell, certified occupational therapist specialized in feeding and eating disorders became an important part of our team. Furthermore, Madeline Sulzer, Melanie Wutsch, Paula Kleibaumhüter and Eva Kratky contribute to the good success of our Eating Schools.team_orange

As can be seen, NoTube’s 2016 was exciting, busy and full of innovations! Now we look back on a successful year and are looking forward to 2017 – besides our telemedical program, nine Eating Schools, numerous Play Picnics all over Europe, the second feeding tube management conference, various trainings… are part of the plan. In this spirit: keep it NoTube!


Sabine Marinschek