Meet Barnabás!

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Meet Barnabás!
Tube free!

Little Barnabás and his parents live in Hungary. He was born with an oesophageal atresia requiring tube feeding until the surgical repair. After Barnabás was declared as suitable for the Netcoaching program, he started the wean end of November 2013. He made rapid progress and after only 2 weeks, tube feeding could be terminated. 2 months after treatment start, his feeding tube could be removed. Since then, he loves to eat and eats quite a lot. His favourite dishes are semolina porridge, carrots, pumpkin and ginger bread!

From the parents

Barnabás was born on September 3rd, 2012 with an oesophageal atresia. At the age of 9 months, it was repaired by gastric pull-up surgery. Approximately 5 weeks after surgery, he started to eat from a spoon but had problems with drinking. Thus, we had to seek help in the hospital.

Three months later, he got a nasogastric tube. As a result, he ate and drank less and less. This was the reason why he got a J-tube after 1.5 months by which he was fed continuously. At this time, he only ate a few cookies or 2 pieces of cheese spread a day. Our pediatric surgeon gave us the phone number of a mother whose son had similar problems. I talked to her and she recommended NoTube. She had found the team of NoTube on the Internet, made contact with them and completed the program successfully. In the case of her child, tube feeding was not necessary anymore after only 2 weeks. Barnabás didn’t even need 2 weeks to get rid of the tube. Since December 14th, he eats and drinks a lot! Finally, on January 22nd, 2014, the tube could be removed.

We were very pleased with the NoTube team, they were nice and helpful. We got prompt answers to our questions constantly and we were praised almost every day. One can communicate with the team even in three languages (English, German and French). At the moment, we try to get support from our health insurance. I am of the opinion that this tube weaning program is really worth it, the children learn to eat at a great pace. Now we are able to save a lot of energy and spend less time in the hospital. We are very happy that Barnabás eats and drinks well and we were able to complete the program successfully.