Meet Camille!

Tube-free since 2017
Meet Camille!
Tube free!

Camille and her parents live in Belgium. A few months after she was born, Camille suffered from a severe lung infection. She was given a nasogastric tube to ensure optimal nutrition and thriving. When Camille was nine months old, her parents contacted NoTube. Camille was to be weaned off her feeding tube, because she had developed a tube dependency due to being long-term tubefed. The consequences were frequent vomiting and loss of appetite. She had also developed an oral aversion. In summer 2017, the family took part in our Netcoaching program. During the tube weaning, Camille made very good progress and the tube could be removed after only a few weeks. Camille had learned to eat. A brief episode of tube feeding became necessary due to an infection, but since the beginning of November 2017 Camille has been eating completely orally. She no longer needs a feeding tube and enjoys eating.

From the parents

Dear NoTube team,

It is now a year that Camille is eating without her tube so we thought it was a good timing to give you some news. First we want to say thank you again to the whole team since we could not have made it without you. Not only is she now eating without the tube but she can also discover things that would have been quite complex hence impossible before: holidays at the seaside, swimming pools, climbing, biking, etc….

Camille is now 10.2kg (p20) and 80.5cm (p8). Her height stays in the lower limits but she gained weight. Of course, eating is still not the thing she prefers. As you will see in the attached pictures she very much liked chocolate ice creams when we went on holidays. Still, eating is a question of motivation and she prefers playing and discovering the world. And as soon as something is wrong (teeth, or sickness), eating is the first thing she gives up on. But she made very good progress and we are very proud of her; We take advantage of highly caloric drinks when she is sick in order for her not to loose weight but she drinks these orally. So totally different than with the tube.

I have to tell you that we faced a lot of scepticism here in the local medical community and except her paediatrician nobody believed that removing the tube would be possible. They thought that we would have to go back to it after a couple of weeks. It has not been easy (and still sometimes is frustrating as a parent that your child is not interested in eating) but still it represents such a big improvement for her (and our) quality of life. We are proud to show them that we were right to believe in NoTube (even if we were against their opinion).

I attached some pictures of Camille so that you can see how she evolved and grew since last time we spoke. Do not hesitate to contact us if you plan to have an event in Belgium, we would be happy to be part of it and testify 😉

Have a nice day!

Best wishes,

Camille’s parents