Meet Dorian!

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Meet Dorian!
Tube free!

Dorian, who is from France, and his twin brother were born in the 29th week of pregnancy. Dorian weighed only slightly more than 600 grams! He was fed via feeding tube since the time of his birth. At first, he had a nasogastric tube; eventually, a PEG-tube was laid and a fundoplication performed. Dorian suffered greatly from the tube feeding and was often extremely nauseous. The situation was burdensome for the whole family, and they decided to travel as a group to Graz in September, 2018 to participate in an Eating School. At this point, Dorian was nearly four years old.

In the Eating School, he appeared as a playful, curious little guy. He showed interest in food and developed a great fondness for chocolate cake! At the beginning of October, Dorian could already completely stop his tube feedings. Several months after the therapy in Graz, Dorian is successfully eating age appropriate foods – and, with pleasure.

From the parents

Translated from french

Our son, Dorian, was fed exclusively via feeding tube virtually from the time of his birth onward. He had great difficulty digesting the enteral nutrition. He was anxious and restless, and the enteral nutrition definitely didn’t help him in his psychomotor development. So, we decided to participate in the NoTube Eating School.

It is a demanding program, both for children and parents. Fortunately, we were well guided by the team. You feel supported and mentored through all the highs and lows (every day). Moreover, a growing solidarity between the parents is quickly noticeable. As a person, it is a fantastic adventure.

Despite the noticeable weight loss, the Eating School was a complete success. Without exception, Dorian now eats everything and, most importantly, he eats normally.

Since participating in the Eating School, we have also noticed a change in Dorian’s character: he is calmer and more alert. We can now look forward to improving his language development and continue to see new progress every week.