Meet Ilias!

Meet Ilias!

Ilias was born with a severe heart defect, which led to the insertion of a nasogastric tube right after his birth. After successful surgeries, he didn’t succeed in the transition to oral feeding. His family got in contact with NoTube and started the Netcoaching program in September 2016. Ilias was 11 months old and took nothing orally. During the Netcoaching program, he began to drink formula, he got also interested in purees and solids. He even swallowed his medication orally! The nasogastric tube was removed for good in October 2016.

From the parents

Translated from German

What was your life like before you decided to sign-up for one of NoTube’s programs?

Daily life was stressful. The constant question: Will Ilias eat enough today? He MUST; the doctors are threatening to place a feeding tube. But, another surgery? Why? He is eating. He is not losing weight. BUT, he is simply not gaining weight adequately.

What were some of your most memorable experiences during the program?

That WE were right and not the doctors. We believed in our child but were told that it would not be enough. The NoTube Team strengthened our thought process and our actions and gave us the courage and sense of ease that allowed us to motivate our Ilias to eat (more).

Did you feel that your child received good care during the program and was NoTube’s staff attentive to your concerns?


How has your life changed since you participated in the program?

It has become easier. We have gained greater trust, and Ilias will even have something to eat when we are away from our house. We are no longer bound to our house during mealtimes.

What’s the most awesome thing that has happened with your little one since completing the program?

The scale moved in the right direction. My child had gained weight.