Meet Len!

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Meet Len!
Tube free!

Len and his parents, Christin and Thomas, are from Germany. In Autumn 2015, they participated in the Netcoaching program. Len was four months old, when his parents started the weaning process. Len was born full-term. During delivery, birth complications occurred and Len needed to be reanimated. During his first four weeks of life Len was in hospital. Since birth, he was tube fed via a NG-tube. He got tube dependent very soon, resulting in oral aversion and frequent vomiting. During the Netcoaching process he re-learnt drinking and eating. Just one week after the Netcoaching program has started, his feeding tube could be removed successfully. He is able to sustain himself fully orally ever since.

From the parents

Translated from german

What was your life like before you decided to sign-up for one of NoTube’s programs?

Our daily life was really exhausting.

Everything was about the topic of drinking and eating. Len was four months old, when he started the tube weaning process. On some days he was able to drink more and on other days he drank less. Every day our hope dropped that he would learn eating and drinking adequately. It was such a pity to see our own child vomit after each tube feed.

What were some of your most memorable experiences during the program?

…The moment we recognized the weaning trial worked and that we can trust our child.

Did you feel that your child received good care during the program and was NoTube’s staff attentive to your concerns?

Yes, they took us seriously and we got answers to our inquiries a few  times per day

How has your life changed since you participated in the program?

Our daily life got normal. Len’s developing perfectly without the tube. Nobody believes, that he had such problems in the past. Currently, he is 10 months old and his eats like any other child.

What’s the most awesome thing that has happened with your little one since completing the program?

That we could visit the zoo without any problems. We only need to pack some food and drinks and can leave our home. This makes us very happy!

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