Meet Leo!

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Meet Leo!
Tube free!

Leo is from Germany. He was born slightly early (in the 36th week of pregnancy) with cardiopulmonary anomalies. Because of the severity of his underlying medical conditions, he was fed via a nasogastric tube from the time of his birth. He had to have several surgeries and required many hospitalizations. When Leo was eleven months old, an attempt to wean him from his tube was made at a tube weaning program in Germany that lasted several weeks. The much anticipated success, however, was not forthcoming – he did not achieve the transition to oral nutrition. The expectation was that it would take nearly another entire year for him to reach that goal. The family decided to participate in a NoTube Eating School in Graz. Leo made such good progress that the tube could already be removed on day nine of the program. From that time on, Leo has fed himself fully orally. He participates enthusiastically in family mealtimes. The entire family is pleased with the quality of life that they have gained.

From the parents

Translated from german

It was a relatively easy decision to take part in NoTube’s program. Things simply could not go on as they were. Leo was doing well, was healthy, and was developing well – only the eating wouldn’t seem to work! We were relieved when NoTube gave us the green light, and Leo was signed up for the Eating School. The two weeks in Graz were a test in patience for us, but our patience was rewarded in the end. In only one and a half weeks, we could remove the nasogastric tube. It is crazy how “easy” it was – if you only have the right people supporting you! The aftercare at home was also a huge help. Any needs or anxieties we had, because we were now on our own, could be discussed and resolved. We are endlessly grateful and recommend this program 100%.