Meet Paulina!

Tube-free since 2014
Meet Paulina!
Tube free!

Paulina and her twin brother were born in the 30th week of gestation. Due to failure to thrive and severe feeding problems a nasogastric tube was placed at the age of four months, a G tube was implanted surgically in February 2012. Paulina stopped eating and drinking completely, she suffered from frequent vomiting and developed a severe oral aversion. In October 2013, her family decided to enrole in the Netcoaching program. Since May 2014, she does not need any tube feeds anymore, the vomiting stopped completely, the whole family and especially Paulina’s twin brother enjoy their new family life!

From the parents

Translated from german


When Paulina was about 4 months old, she was not drinking properly, so her pediatrician at the time decided to place a NG-tube without any previous diagnostics to find out the cause for Paulina’s insufficient drinking. A few months later, everyone was recommending that we should consider a PEG-tube and we decided to get one for Paulina. Half a year later, we sought help at a German hospital for the first time, but we were put off and were told her weight was still too low and so on. We visited this hospital two more times but no one there took any action and so we lost almost two years. At our last visit there, it became clear to us that if we kept going to this hospital, Paulina would never learn how to eat. She had been on total enteral nutritional support via the PEG-tube for two years. Then we got in touch with “NoTube”, started the tube weaning in October 2013 and Paulina has been tube-free since May 2014. She has become a completely different child. She does not vomit anymore, she has made unbelievable developmental progress, she is more active, she is happier and on some days she eats even more than her twin brother. It was a long, hard journey and sometimes we became desperate and would have preferred to cancel the whole wean but with “NoTube”, the great, lovely, patient, supportive, best tube weaning team ever, we made it! We are sooooooo happy that you exist and that you have helped us to become a normal family.