Meet Sophia!

Tube-free since 2015
Meet Sophia!
Tube free!

Little Sophia and her family live in Tyrol, Austria. She was born in the 35th gestational week, suffering from an esophageal atresia. After multiple surgeries, her medical situation has been stabilized, but Sophia didn’t start to eat orally. She has developed a tube dependency and was connected to her jejunal tube 21 hours/day. Her parents decided to sign up for Netcoaching, which has been started in May 2015. Sophia got interested in food for the very first time and finally started to eat orally. She received her last tube feed mid of July 2015. Since then, she eats and drinks orally and develops beautifully.

From the parents

Translated from german

What was your life like before you decided to sign-up for one of NoTube’s programs?

21 hours of tube feeds via jejunal tube including breaks of only 3h/day. Refused all food. No interest in food.

What were some of your most memorable experiences during the program?

The fact that Sophia became interested in food and started to eat. She put everything in her mouth. That we could pick up Sophia without thinking of her pump.

Did you feel that your child received good care during the program and was NoTube’s staff attentive to your concerns?

We felt in good hands and one realized immediately that the team has enormous experience with “tube kids”.

How has your life changed since you participated in the program?

Relieved, free, normal

What’s the most awesome thing that has happened with your little one since completing the program?

That Sophia started to swallow bigger lumps without spitting.


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