The most common diagnoses related to tube dependency

Many underlying diseases, birth defects or complications can make temporary or permanent tube feeding necessary. Here you will find a list of the most important basic diagnoses of children whom we have successfully helped with Netcoaching in the past. Some diagnoses are summarized, so please don´t hesitate if you have questions to a specific disease.

Success Rate


Underlying Diagnoses

Group of diagnoses   Programme Netcoaching (%)
Complicated prematurity /birth complications n 38 (22.5)
Congenital malformation of the heart ** n 32 (18.9)
Congenital metabolic disease n 3 (1.8)
Malformation / disease of the GIT n 35 (20.7)
Genetic syndromes /chromosomal abnormalities** n 21 (12.4)
Psychiatric disease of child or parents/ non-organic FTT

n 14 (8.3)
Neurological conditions n 13 (7.7)
Malformation / disease of the respiratory tract n 8 (4.7)
Oncology and hematology n 2 (1.2)
Renal problems n 3 (1.8)
TOTAL n 169 (100)

Our research work

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What doctors say

A cooperation with the local medical team allows a well-coordinated monitoring of the child’s general health condition, as well as his therapy sessions and the whole weaning process.


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Eating Schools

Eating Schools

Interact in-person with our medical team and other families in a 2-week intensive course that teaches children with or without a feeding tube to improve their eating skills.

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Receive personal coaching from the leading tube weaning experts who will help you teach your child to eat without a feeding tube right from the comfort of your home.

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Learn To Eat

Learn To Eat

Experience professional medical support online on a month-by-month basis as you help build your child’s post-tube eating skills and your own confidence.

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Hotspot USA

Hotspot USA

If you are resident in the USA and prefer a personal appointment, you can visit our occupational therapist Marion Russell at our hotspot in Omaha (Nebraska), to get information about Notube´s different programs.

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We are focused on teaching children learn how to eat whether they are suffering from tube dependency or other early eating behavior disorders. Our highly-specialized team is comprised of the most senior experts in tube weaning and early eating disorders with more than 30 years of clinical experience. Members of our team are based around the world enabling us to wean children off the feeding tube beyond language barriers.

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