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Your child and your situation are unique in some ways, but in other ways, you have so much in common with so many wonderful families around the world. These families knew they had to do something to help their child learn to eat, and even though they were nervous, or at first unsure of whether they should take the step to work with us, they did, and they’ve become a part of the NoTube family.

Our success rate of teaching children to eat is so high because we have experience with just about every situation that’s been encountered surrounding tube dependency. Just take a look at a sampling of the diagnoses of children that we’ve helped. Over 90% of these children have learned to eat on their own without a feeding tube. We can help your child, too.

Success Rate


Underlying Diagnoses

Group of diagnoses   Programme Netcoaching (%)
Complicated prematurity /birth complications n 38 (22.5)
Congenital malformation of the heart ** n 32 (18.9)
Congenital metabolic disease n 3 (1.8)
Malformation / disease of the GIT n 35 (20.7)
Genetic syndromes /chromosomal abnormalities** n 21 (12.4)
Psychiatric disease of child or parents/ non-organic FTT

n 14 (8.3)
Neurological conditions n 13 (7.7)
Malformation / disease of the respiratory tract n 8 (4.7)
Oncology and hematology n 2 (1.2)
Renal problems n 3 (1.8)
TOTAL n 169 (100)

What Parents Say

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Talk and Meet With Our Parents

Instead of just reading, jump right in and have a conversation with our past clients. They’ll give you their perspective and help you sort things out. Here, we’ve collected all the wonderful blogs, contact details and even a world map of all the families that have participated in one of our programs so that you may contact them.


Press Coverage

Every year several media reports about the Graz tube weaning method and NoTube are published. A recent selection can be found below. Media representatives interested in our work please contact press@notube.com for journalistic inquiries.

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