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Dr. Annie-Laure Suc is a pediatrician in the neonatology department of the University Hospital of Clocheville (Tours, France). NoTube had the opportunity to meet Dr. Suc during the first meeting for healthcare professionals that we held in the course of the Eating School in Mayenne. This year as well, we had the chance to meet her during the Eating School we organized in Loches.

Eating School at NotubeThe families in which a child is struggling to feed normally face a daily major distress. Parents rely on modern information technologies that allow them to find programs for a change in any country for Europe. One of theses families discovered “NoTube”. This pediatric structure – entirely dedicated to eating disorders – meets our expectations in the area of support, caregiving, multidisciplinary thinking and synthetic approach and in the end in their results.

NoTube comes to France in order to treat infants suffering from eating disorders and exchange knowledge with French healthcare professionals. I had the opportunity to meet with the NoTube team in 2013. The information provided confirmed that they habe a strong and determined medical and paramedical team that tries to restore oral feeding and a appropriate diet to each child they treat. Their remarkable approach – made of steady multidisciplinarity and persistent convergence of skills – allows them to empower families, to give them tehir nourishing and educational rol eback and build up a therapeutic idea for each child after they collected all pathologic elements, which are connected with the oral development. Families are supported and feel take care of in their weaning process from enteral nutrition.

Dr. Annie-Laure SUC
Hospital Physician
Pediatric Department
Neonatology and Intensive Care
Neuropediatrics and Disability Unit
49 blvd Béranger 37044 Tours cedex

This cooperation allows a well-coordinated monitoring of the child’s general health condition, as well as his therapy sessions and the whole weaning process. One of our little patients and her family recently moved to Tours in order to benefit both from the monitoring of Dr. Suc and our team. We communicate via our telemedicine platform or by email, so we (parents, Dr. Suc and our team) are able to communicate directly and share information in real time. We are very grateful to Dr. Suc for this very fruitful experience and we are looking forward to our next partnership!